Gift vouchers

This year, we have prepared a gift voucher for one of the Barokomaraton courses for you. Give your friends a voucher for one of the most beautiful races with its unique specific atmosphere. Simply fill in all the necessary information in the following form, and we will send the gift voucher to the provided email address, including information on the payment of the entry fee.

You can order Christmas vouchers until 23 December 2023. Other gift vouchers, such as for birthdays, can be ordered throughout the year 2024.

How do you correctly redeem a gift voucher?

voucher_2017Each gift voucher has its unique code (Discount code). To correctly redeem the voucher, you must enter this code into the field labeled 'Discount code' during online registration, without any extra spaces. If the code is entered correctly, the registration status 'Paid' will appear next to the competitor in the start list. If not, please contact us. kontaktujte.

The gift voucher must be redeemed by 30 August 2024.